Est. 2006

Intrabuild Online Trader is Open Source Order Management Software

Fully multiuser

No restrictions on the number of concurrent users or product SKUs

Supports inventory bundles and kits, per-channel branding and marketing messages.

System requirements: Linux LAMP stack or XAMPP

Full setup support available

Download and install for your LAN or build a cloud-based solution with whitelist IPs

Full source on request

To be clear, Intrabuild online trader is completely free to use and develop for your own purposes. The software allows you collect order data from PayPal and Amazon then re-format them to your design and to generate a PDF.

The software generates professional looking paperwork - pick notes, delivery notes, quotations and invoices - perfect for emailing and of course for printing onto standard A4 integrated labels.

We're pleased to offer the full source code at no cost and can provide complete (chargeable) setup and support services.

Who is using it? Bedromantics Ladies Fashion, Bowlskaters Skateboarding,